We’ve been in our restaurant for three weeks. The equipment was all in place already. We have two Lincoln impinger ovens which we use for everything, and two deck ovens which we only use occationally. The equipment is owned by the landlord and we use it as a term of our lease. Any maintenance or improvement to the equipment is at our expense. The spot was previously used as a pizza shop and as such was never required to have any type of ventilation system. We have decided that we need some type of ventilation to remove the smoke from the ovens. The busier we are the worse it gets. We’ve even had to open the doors and in South Louisiana we can’t do that very often.
We just got a quote for $9 to $12K to put in a hood. Is this reasonable? Where can we get some information to educated ourselves about hoods? Can anybody offer any help or advise? Thanks.

I suspect that quote is for a grease hood, given it’s that high. Tell us more about what comes with that $9K to $12K and does it come in a 4-door model? :lol:

What you probably need is called a heat hood, and should be a bit less, depenmding on size and complexity of installation. My stainless 10’ grease hood was about $11,000 installed including the fire suppression system and 4 fire extinguishers. Others will chime in soon with their expertise . . . and there are some that know really well.

Installation is the biggest part of the costs in this game. You can save a hundred or two here and there with the harware, but you gotta find a good, inexpensive but reliable installation guy.

Now you’re cooking! That’s the kind of thing I need to know. I hate having to do things where I have to learn a whole new vocabulary. “Heat Hood”. That’s a start and it seems to make sense. We had figured maybe $5K tops but that’s not knowing anything about them. I hadn’t figured $12!

1 grand per foot is the average for a grease hood, fire suppression and installation.

square foot or linear foot?

Installation requires cutting a hole in the building (usually roof) and a properly sized exhaust fan. Make sure the contractor knows how to size a fan. The oven mfg may have a document with the cfm needed (cubic feet per minute or something like that).

That does sound like grease hood pricing, with fire suppression.
I’m surprised you weren’t required to have SOME kind of hood to open!
For grease hood, as mentioned, 1K/foot (linear) is a rough estimate guide. Actually creeping past that recently…

For just ventilation, I don’t know - but it certainly should be FAR less. Heck, you could get by with a simple exhaust fan and a new hole in the wall to just vent smoke - but that would never pass where I am!

I needed to pay an Engineer to prove that my makeup air and my hood fan would be “balanced”…and had to have fire-wrapped ductwork installed by a licensed hood installer…blah blah blah. Hood was the most expensive single peice of equipment in my place.

Try to get the landlord to pay for it! You can’t take the hood with you when you leave, or it won’t be easy anyway.

If you don’t have a long term lease…

Are your ovens clean? I have a roto-flex, and have used deck ovens in the past, and never had a “smoke” issue unless something was burning.

Like the time a few years ago when my husband put 2 sicilians in the oven to parbake and left for the night and forgot to turn the deck off. Fire alarm went off a couple hours later and we arrived thinking the place was going up. We’re in a semi-small town and have a volunteer fire co. Most of the guys are our customers and we were harrassed about that for months!!!

Depending on location, and your in a location that may not require a grease hood, most deck ovens only require an eyebrow hood which captures heat and ‘smoke’ from door and combustables from gas flue. Inexpensive, no fire prot, but still need to put a fan on the roof. 2 oven, 2 hoods, 2 fans, 2x. Impinger, all I have ever seen, and other options exist, is eyebrow hoods over each end. again, shouldn’t require a fire prot, depending on location.

Typically, pizza operation does not dictate a grease hood (VERY fine line). Your mileage may vary.

What is causing the smoke, decks or impinger?


Our decks come with instructions on how to direct vent the gas and fumes using hard duct. Not my favorite way of doing it, but it is a way around the hoods, if they are the culprits.

Oh yea…forgot to mention, they’re electric not gas ovens. And yes, they probably haven’t been cleaned in the three years that the other guy was there. We tried to clean them somewhat but don’t really know how. I was going to get someone to come in & service them and show us how to clean them properly.
Our regulations do not require us to have a hood/fire sup unless we are frying and putting grease particles into the air. We are lucky in that as we do not fry anything. But this d+%# smoke is about to kill us. Even the heat is (right now) not a big problem. I guess I am realizing from ya’ll that the oven cleaning will take care of alot of the problem, but is there such a thing as a “Smoke Sucker” that won’t cost me more than a couple of grand?
The landlord got burned so badly on the previous tennant that he is not willing to put any more money into equipment. All of the existing equipment, tables, chairs, racks, pans, EVERYTHING is his and he is basically letting us use it all for free. All we pay is rent & utilities. Not a bad deal!
I don’t mind spending the money to get the problem resolved but not really 12K if I don’t have to.

can evac through the wall to the outside

Look into a simple ventilation fan with louvres. Mount it through the wall and it can evacuate the smoke. Think of it as a bathroom vent fan with higher volume of air moved.

that was me

that was sort of what i was thinking when i asked if they could vent threw the side wall,but all you would have to do is cut your hole and simply mount your fan on the outside like normal,and just use a steel mesh filter,you can get the fan for around $1,000.00,and the filter from the same place as the fan…
i bought my hood from central it is an 8 footer for $1,100 fan for the same total cost $2,200.00 did the install myself

Note to self-- never pay Heather with a bad check. Did you hear what they did to those two guys from Italy?

We are situated in the middle of two other businesses. There are no exterior walls on the sides of the building but the back of the restaurant is an exterior wall. The ovens are about 20’ from the back wall. Would a fan on that back wall pull the smoke from the center of the restaurant?

yes to some extent
you could install the fan (11-1,200 bucks),run a 12" metal duct and have a simple hood made from sheet metal from any hvac company for a few hundred and you have good ventilation.the hood would only weigh 1hundred pounds and could easily be installed to even a drop ceiling.the fan install is very simple also.
myself,i would first go with the fan installation and see if this solves your problem,might be all you need