Smoked Wings

Does anybody smoke their wings? We’re kicking the idea around because of the way it kills our Ovens.

If you do, what brand do you use, how long are you smoking them for and in what amount?



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Do you have a fryer?

Nope, all oven baked

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Yeah remembered a post awhile back where I asked same thing srry

No problem. Smoker seems like a good option. I don’t think we’d need a hood system which is why we don’t want to use a fryer. They’re cheap enough themselves, but the hood is so expensive

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the bbq place around the corner from us smokes wings with a Asian dry rub they are killer.

What’s the name of the place? I’ll check it out online

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smalls smoke shack

Well we got our smoker setup today. HUGE difference over oven baked. Meat pulls right off the bone. So so good

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Smoke to parbake - on the pickup, blast in a hot oven to crisp and heat through. Every place I’ve worked that does wings has parbaked before the pickup - whether it’s finishing in a fryer or in a screaming hot oven.

You’ll be satisfied with the results. If your customers have aversion to smoke, try a low and slow confit.

Speaking of smoking/parbaking…has anyone tried parbaking pre-cooked wings in order to speed up the cooking time when ordered? We use a pre cooked wing and bake them 2x through the oven, greatly increasing our order times / door times. Wings make up about 9.5% of our sales, 19% of our orders! Would we be able to par bake these, cool them and then just bake them 1x through when they are sold?

Before we switched to IQF raw wings, we had pre-cooked. We cooked them on a full pan through the oven for 23 minutes at our normal oven temp ~about 480 at that time. Only requires one pass through the oven for orders then. Be sure to spray the full pan or they will definitely stick

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Did you just cool them on the pan in walkin then? Add any sauce to the wings in order to keep them from drying out too much?

Right in the walk-in for cooling. If you can go for a longer time and less temp it’ll keep them from drying out as best as an oven can. Depending on your oven and finger profile, it could be drastically different than us

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Are you using them from frozen? Bc when I was using pre cooked wings(tyson) we would slack them out in the walkin to thaw so the cooking time was greatly reduced

I dont use them anymore bc of the price and theyre obscure around here, they have to be special ordered alot, so we switched back to fresh wings. I marinate them then fry for 5 mins. Then when ordered fry again for a few more mins they come out fantastic