SMS Text Marketing

I am considering SMS Text marketing. Has anybody tried it? Any suggestions?

The local Papa Murphys franchisee in my area does it on a regular basis. It brings me in the door, but I worry in his case, his offers are wrong. He is hitting price point only, so it is changing my perceived value of his product.

I’ve used it with great success…

I am interested in this also where can I find info

I use text 180 been the best pricing so far!

:bump: is text 180 still the best thing out there? what kind of offers do you send out?

as far as I can tell yes, I have the best response from off menu items, for instance I will do a FREE brownie Sundae with any large pizza tonight! Low give away they feel very important and no price cut :slight_smile:

I am in the planning phases of opening a pizza shop. I currently own a frozen yogurt store, and we use text marketing with great success. I have around 3500 opted in to get our texts. I love the technology so much that I started my own brand of text marketing. I have never really gone out and tried to sell it, I just use it myself along with a few local friends who own businesses. I am definitely not trying to sell anything, but message me if you are interested in speaking about it. I used text 180 when we started. I believe I could offer a cheaper price.