So after 8 months in business....

I decide my staff is going to do fine without me. The major rush is over, have lots of staff on, my head girl has it pretty together, no worries. I leave early for the first time to take my kids to a concert. I phone the store about 20 times, but things are good. I dont call during the last 30 minutes of the concert, knowing its getting late, things are dying down there, no worries right? WRONG! Check my cell phone and there have been 8 calls and 2 text messages. The text messages saying, we cant get ahold of you, we are calling the police! What the hell??? Seems the front door was left open, was hot in the store, and someone walked by and sprayed pepper spray. For goodness sake, personally, I dont think I would have called the police, but they didnt know what to do and a customer told them to call the police, must have been a slow night…3 cop cars, 1 fire truck and a HUGE crowd gathers outside. Of course nothing of ANY significance has ever happened before and it just HAD TO HAPPEN when im not here…ugh! So the last 2 hours of business were a write off.
They joys of being a business owner…

Murphy’s law will always get you when you want to get away from the store. The question that is in my mind right now is did you make the news?

I am not sure how things are in BC about keeping the door open but here in AB the health department would be all over you for doing that. You never know what kind of creapy crawly beasts come in when the door is left open.

Just as a rider who falls off a horse MAKE SURE YOU GET BACk ON THE HORSE.

I always say call me if the place burns down. Luckily it hasn’t. (Well maybe that isn’t luck :lol: )

Seriously though…they did good. They handled it. They survived without you so let them know and make sure to let them do it again!

We all need time off.


I was wondering the same thing?? Did it make the news? Turn it into a publicicty stunt. Was anyone hurt?

Sorry to hear that you had that problem! I used to get that a couple times a year in a sports bar I used to own, and it usually happened on a Friday night!!! Hope all is well and you at least get some free publicity out of it. Good luck!

Owners and Managers beware. We have started mentally screening everyone that walks thru our door lately. We had a guy walk in and ask to use a pay phone. Of course we don’t have one but the hostess said he could use ours. She turned around to do something else. The guy proceeded to call 911. Before you know it the cops were here with guns drawn because he reported a shooting here. They caught him a few blocks down and brought him back for ID. Then there was a guy, quite disheveled and smelly, that walked up to the bar and ordered water. He stood next to a gal on a bar stool. We Think he picked her pocket when she put her wallet in her coat that was hanging over the bar stool. And it doesn’t matter where your business is located cause I’m in an area of town with million dollar condos, riverwalk, fine cars etc. Just keep your eyes open.