So glad we all seem to get along!!!

On some other forums I visit there always seems to be a lot of tension…So glad we all seem to get along!!! Thanks for being such a good bunch of folks…

My experience is Pizza people are just plain nice people. It’s just like one big happy family.

I couldn’t agree with you both more!

I worked in a few industries before pizza and never did I encounter people as nice as those in the pizza business.

I’ve always said that it must have something to do with the fact that you get to eat pizza all of the time. How could you possibly be angry when you have access to such a fun food 24/7? :slight_smile:


Everyone put your arms out and have a huge TT hug :lol:

Can this group hug include the crazy, do everything backwards, canuck? lol…

i agree and disagree.

yes its nice cause this is business related. However some of the flame contests on other forums can be quite entertaining when a Newb says the wrong thing.

This thread was started by a Canuk so you should be OK

Yeah we have had our share here as well especially on the subject of drivers. Made it interesting and made all of us “greedy, unethical, ripping off everyone” pizza owners more closer and tight knitted.
Guess a bit of tension and agro here and there is good for a nice make up afterwards :roll: