So, how was your Turkey Day Eve sales?

I was hoping to be busier, but I was only about 20% more than a typical Wednesday. How did your store do?

I am in Canada and I was up 30%. Who would hav thought that could happen?

The thanksgiving eve day is always a real busy day… combined with rain or bad weather makes it more busy…

Sales this year were 20% more then thanksgiving eve from the prior year.

I was expecting just 15-20% more than a normal wednesday because all of the students fled town. Dinner rush was busier than a Friday and I ended up almost double a typical wednesday. I already have over 90 pizzas orered for Friday morning too. Have to deliver 35 to our mall by 9AM. Looks to be a great week!

I was up 60% over a normal Wednesday. Very happy with it.

average wed for me

Wednesday was average Friday sales…I expected above average…oh, well, it will come Friday/Saturday I guess

Well for us it was more like a Friday than a wednesday. We more than tripled our normal Wednesday sales. I think the weather being in the seventies and being right on the main highway helped alot.



busy like always for the day before thanksgiving up 34% 21% and 14% in my three stores from last year

We had a pretty average Wednesday ourselves. Actually pleased since school is out and out town is a suitcase community on holiday weekends.

we were up about 35 % of a normal friday business… we are slammed all day… kids had a half of day in school and when that happens are lunches are ridiculous… so we had that in our side… its was a great day…

pretty good, was like a saturday night with half the crew except drivers.

both stores busy. One about +50% and one +40%
Additionally, we had no school on Wednesday so Tuesday was busy too!

We hit 200% more for a Wednesday… Wed. usually is really slow… it was the same as a regular Sat. Night.