So I installed....

my mop sink.
It didn’t come with that 12" piece of black hose w/ the fitting so you can rinse out the mop sink, fill a mop bucket, etc.
Went on ebay… $88, $90, $75 some with ANOTHER $20 in shipping. WTF?
8 cents of hose, a $1 fitting and… $75-100?
See Webstaurant has them for $25 which is… palatable. Add another $13 in shipping…
I’m getting real poor after this build.

DUED the adapter is like 5 bucks at home depot…then the shortest/cheapest hose you can find in the garden center another 8 bucks…what you paid in shipping is what you should have paid for everything. cancel the order!

That’s what I’m going to do, but I thought the $25 (shipping aside) was somewhat reasonable.
I mean $80 is the “we think you’re an idiot” price.

We’ve done a lot of fixes this way… even parts on our vehicles… its outrageous when you know you need a $1 part, I’d be willing to pay up to $10, but when they charge $50 bucks with a whole bunch of other parts not needed… well that’s it I won’t go down that alley!!!

lol I have paid the idiot tax more than a few times. If I can help others not have to do it, it’s a good day. Isn’t that what this board is all about?!?!? :cool:

You bet, and just did it… oddly enough.
Actually, have the blade to shorten the hose next to me.
$6 brass fitting and $3 in hose.