So why is it so dead after time changes?

Anyone else having a dead Monday? It seems that when we turn the clock forward or backwards, it always messes things up.

I’m actually having a record Monday today :stuck_out_tongue:

Us too… Well, maybe not record, good one though.

We were really slow on Monday. Infact the last 6 weeks have been off about 20% compared to previous years.

We were slower Monday as well as any other restaurant we heard of in the area. If it weren’t for the fact that some coupons were hitting today, it may have been pretty bad.

SAME HERE OHIO! We actually had our worst monday since opening! Really weird we alsohad our biggest weekend since opening. And no events going on in the are to puil people away. I checked the other locals and they were dead to?!?!?!

We had the busiest Monday we’ve had since mid-December. Overall though we’re slower because our college kids are on Spring break.