Social Media Companies

Hi everyone, does anyone use a social media company to handle all of the social media platforms? I know some might say do it yourself, but we have the problem of being to busy to handle that aspect of the business ourselves. We had used a company in the past for this but they were expensive $400 per month and did not do a great job handling everything.

I used “main street hub” when I first opened. They are out of Texas. They are a very professional company. They are just a luxury I cant afford.

we used Fishbowl for about a year. We didn’t feel the return was worth the $400 a month.

Anyone using smart pizza marketing? I recently stumbled across his podcast and really enjoy it. Curious if anyone is utilizing his services.

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I love his podcast! I feel the rates that these social media companies charge is too much to make it worth it. A better option might be to hire a responsible employee interested in earning some extra cash.

It just does not take that much time to do yourself. If you are short of time you will save a lot of money by paying an employee for another two hours per week to make pizza to free you up to handle your social media. (2 hours a week is plenty)

I used main street hub for the minium 3 months, They pitched me how how it was a great time saver.
I didnt like it much most responses were canned, robotic etc.
The facebook posts they did were always kind of corny

It wasn’t worth anywhere near the $300 a month they charged

I used a company out of CA for 6 months and paid $350/mo per location. I don’t think it’s worth it. I’m looking at using one of my younger employees.

Tguag, Smart pizza marketing podcasts are good but their basic package is $500 which i can’t afford!

:eek: yeah that’s pricey.

I think i am in the wrong business !:stuck_out_tongue: