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Anyone using an outside company for this? We have been kicking the idea around a bit lately. While probably expensive and could also be done by a kid in the store, there just never seems to be time to get it done. The phone rings, customers or employees have questions, it looks to generic. I guess im asking if you do is it worth it?

We have a FB page and that is it and it gets very little action. No cell phones(still use a land line for the shop), no WIFI, no POS, in our shop. We do not spend a dime on advertising, no specials, no coupons, no delivery. It works great for us. What I am doing is spending too much time keeping 3rd party delivery services out of our life. I am about to disconnect from the internet other than our website if this keeps up. We are born way before the internet age and still use paper and pencil for orders and the social media thing is way overhyped in our experience as business is at full capacity which makes these things a BIG PITA.

I used an outside company a few years back.

Waste of money… canned programmed responses, posts that dont match your style of pizza. The time I spent calling them to modify corny posts, edit responses etc. I could have done it myself…

I only used it for 3 months.(the minimum)

The problem with outside parties is that they are too generic. They don’t know your personality. You want to create a bond with your followers to be able to show your character. Yes it does get overwhelming trying to come up with content. I used a company a couple of years ago and dropped them. They were expensive and I still had to come up with content and offers for them so it still took up my time. I would focus on Facebook and Instagram. Just get into the habit of taking pictures through out the day. Ask your employees if they think something they just made looks delicious to take a quick picture and send it to you. Try starting by posting every 3-4 days just to keep your followers engaged. With Facebook you can schedule your posts so you can do it anytime you like. For Instagram if you have the pictures it would take you a max of 5 minutes to post the picture, I’m sure you can find 5 minutes. The problem is remembering to do. I struggle with it as well but have been trying to work on it. Social media isn’t meant to drive you business it’s to get your word or work out so that you stay on top of everyone’s mind and when they’re thinking of ordering pizza they think of you. Just be yourself when posting, try not to be so generic, show your personality and set a reminder to do it. It doesn’t take as long as you think. Go in 1/2 hour early in the morning if you have to.

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FB and instagram really works very well to remind the people.
We are going to start twillio soon to send text message if we have some new dish, specials or any promotions.

Do it myself. We do very well on FB. Find a kid thats interested if you don’t want to do it and work with them. Just make sure you approve things if they have control over your things.

We use out 3rd party firm that’s local and have been using them for about ten years now. One of the best business decisions we’ve made is outsourcing social media/marketing. They do an excellent job and offer way more than just social media management (menu design, web design, branding, etc…). We originally paid them about $1,200 a month (ten years ago) and currently pay $2,000 a month. Well worth the expense.

However, I do think it would be difficult to work with someone that’s not local. So I’d be careful about working with outside agency that you aren’t able to meet with in person on a weekly basis.

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