Social media promotion

So we do a lot of community stuff. From donating cash thru sponsorships to bogo deals for schools and churches. Trying to figure out a good way to expose that on social media.

Ex 3rd grade pizza party donating 30 xl pizzas to them. Problem is the praise of a pizza party for free only gets to the teachers. It never really gets into the home or out in the community. How do you get this info out?
Facebook is basically dead btw

I make a social media post almost everyday. I have it as a regularly scheduled task. When I don’t do it, I see a drop in my Monday-Wednesday sales.

At 7pm each night, I look at the sales and if they aren’t where they should be, I make a “Hail Mary” post with very little written content, but a lot of pictures. It usually gets me about $100 worth of sales.

When something is going on (like a school donation) then the post is obviously about that. I have accumulated a lot of “pizza facts” to use on days when I have no news and when my “pizza facts” are fully exhausted, I just make a post about the weather accompanied by a picture of a pizza.

I still get a lot of response on facebook and by using the tools they provide, I can post on facebook and instagram using the same content at the exact same time. No extra work.

IMHO, social media is like an exercise program. You won’t see any results by just exercising every now and then. You have to have a consistent routine. Same thing for social media.

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