There are a few special ingredients that are only available fresh for a short time each year. This is less and less the case as agriculture has become global and fresh items are produced in different places… but one of my favorites that is still only around for 4-6 weeks each year is fresh wild-caught sockeye salmon.

It is available now and we bring it in overnight once a week. Bake it off with a locally made Asian BBQ Sauce marinade and make a special pie that is on our menu only as long as the sockeye are coming in: It is called “Snow in Kenai”

Having things like this on our menu and using them in marketing differentiates us. Chopped garlic and olive oil base, dabs of ricotta, then 100% mozz, Sockeye salmon, fresh Roma tomatoes and artichoke hearts!


I remember that pizza it was pretty great. It’s hard to believe that was a year ago.

Looks tasty!!