Soda pricing

What are you guys paying for 20oz and 2L from Coke… or Pepsi?
Coke rep said “Oh, your pricing is really low due to your Nat’l contract”
Also, tried some Low-Moisture 5o/50 cheese and experienced some
burning. I assume that was a result of the “low-moisture” aspect of the cheese?
The cheese also had that “take a bite and the whole slice of cheese comes off”
thing going on.
Been in the pizza biz for 30+ years but always with a chain so there’s a lot I know and… a lot I don’t.
Grateful for the replies.

My case price on Pepsi 20oz is $23.70, but we are also a carryout and I think our contract pricing is based on that, if it makes a difference. I’ll refrain from ranting about our local Coke distributor and my dealings with them. I buy my 20oz of Coke/Diet Coke/Sprite at Restaurant Depot for $25.58 per case.

Thanks for that.
I just checked my invoices and for Coke I am currently 14.05 for 20oz and 9.60 for 2L
Pretty cheap, I guess.
Those are some of the differences I will have to make up in other places, I suppose.

Wow, I can get coke cheaper from a gas station or convenience store than I can get it from our local distributor. On top of that, the sales person at our local distributor will readily sign off for restaurants to get BIB syrup from Sysco instead of them, and for cheaper too.
If you are not pouring 300 gallons daily, they don’t even want to talk with you in this area.

11.52 for a case of 2l from pepsi, 26.40 for 20 ouncers. Needless to say I don’t buy 20 ouncers, I buy the 24 ounce 6 packs at the store for about .60 a piece and charge 1.50 for them. 2 liters I get staples, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Mt Dew… I can get a lot of Coke products at the store for .99 a 2 liter. My pepsi rep comes in and bitches but I don’t care… Im in business to make money for me, not them. They can have their cooler back whenever they want, I’ll go get another one.

Wow, for a case of 24? Maybe I should be buying my Coke from you! lol But that is around what I pay for 2 liters as well.

Like @GotRocks said, I can buy even my Pepsi 12pks and 2l cheaper at Walmart or Kroger. But the volume we go through, it’s not worth the hassle of transporting it. And, overall, my Pepsi people have been great to me. And they buy back anything that goes out of date, so it’s all a guaranteed sale. The national Coke people I dealt with over the phone were very helpful. But the local distributor didn’t care if I do business with them or not. I just buy my Coke 12pks at Walmart, my 2 liters at Sams Club, and my 20oz at Rest Depot. I don’t sell enough of it that it’s a huge deal. I just keep enough for those that really have a preference. I had hoped to get a Coke rep to come up with a plan to try to sell more of it, but I guess they aren’t interested.

Interesting stuff, all.
Keep in mind, I’m currently a franchise so… that’s the deal.
I used to get stuff at the store, too, sometimes, and same deal- Coke rep would get all over me. We used to get some sick deals at the Supermarket next to the store and we’d literally get 2L for .17
I used to tell the Coke rep to come get his cooler and shove it.
I even used to get onto trouble if I sold Coke product but didn’t buy it from him- stuff that I guess I wasn’t (technically) supposed to sell; Teas, etc.
32 years as a franchisee is enough- time to cut the cord and man up!