Soda Pricing

For those of you with fountain soda what are you guys paying. I was at $71 for 5 gal. They just raised it. Curious what everyone else is paying

I am currently at $72 per BIB. BUT starting July 1, Boulder has passed a $0.02 per OUNCE tax on all soda. So yeah … and they haven’t finalized the rules yet either.

Holy $hit! 2 cents per ounce? So a 2 liter will be taxed $1.15? What is Boulder earmarking this money for?

They did this in Berkeley too. Problem with doing it by city is people just drive elsewhere for soda if they don’t want to pay the tax which takes customers away from the businesses in that particular city with the soda tax. The tax needs to be at a state level to work more properly if they’re going to do it.

You could not make this stuff up!

When does it all end? We have a state bill move thru the system every year but it never passes. Which is a mystery to me because California lawmaker will trample each other to sign law that taxes people. The soda companies must be making the proper political “donations” out here.

Well they used the whole, Kid angle here to get it passed. OMG Think of all the poor children who have to drink this unhealthy crap (because they can sooooo afford to buy the stuff that is good for them) !

Never mind the way they worded the law, it taxes everything. Even alcoholic drinks and mixers for said drinks. It … is … a … mess.

Mine was just raised too. I am now paying $75 for 5 gal BIB

Soon you’ll have to be 18 to drink soda!

What is wrong with just drinking water? Water is free and it is the healthiest drink out there!

As long as you don’t live in Michigan :mad:

It all depends on which side of the state you’re in.

Pepsi came back at $65 a 5 gallon bib. Coke wouldn’t budge off $74. I prefer coke, but not at $9 a bib. Keeping my bar with Coke, just because Jack and Pepsi doesn’t have the same ring, but my other two stores are switching.

Pepsi has a MUCH stronger lineup of other products. Perhaps Coke itself is stronger than Pepsi itself but the contest ends there. But cola is what 1/4 of the business? No way I would stick with an item that represents a sizeable but still minority share of the category with a $9 difference.