Does anyone know of any software I can get to help me make brochures and postcards?

Try Open Office it is a free open source software somewhat like MS Office.

Are you looking for a free program or willing to spend some money?

I’m willing to spend some money. I’m just want to find a program where I can do it myself.

Flexisign is extremely user friendly and can make some really good stuff in a fraction of the time. The more you use it the better you become and you learn what it can really do. I don’t think I would consider trying anything else or try to learn photoshop for the years and years. Had FS mastered in about a month (literally).

Thats my recommendation.

Hey Steveo do you happen to know the site for it? I typed up just Flexsign and it come up all in German.

I agree, photoshop is tough, but I use adobe InDesign, which is the pagemaker part of the adobe software. It cost me about $500 for the adobe suite, and I paid a graphic design student at a local college to teach me how to use it. I learned in about a week, and I’ve done all of our design since. The student came up with some templates for some of our brochures that I liked, and I’ve been able to keep the same colors and fonts so that everything flows.

I use Illustrator, PhotoShop and InDesign…But is taking the time to learn software the best use of your time…Many pizza folks spend too much time doing stuff like this and too little time marketing their business…I am not saying to never learn this stuff but you really have to consider your priorities…Growing your sales is worth far more in the long run than the money you save by trying to be a “Do It Yourselfer”…

My vote is for Microsoft Publisher. It’s easy to do a marketing piece (brochure, post card, flyer and much more) using their Quick Publications templates.

Nothing will make you an instant desktop publishing expert, but Publisher will let you use the skills you have to easily do attractive marketing pieces.