Soggy and mushy crust

I make New York style pizza or Jersey pizza. The flavor and color are good, but the only problem I have is the crust gets soggy and mushy once I put it in the pizza box (we mostly do take out and delivery)
What can I do? Change the dough recipe or the liner we put In the box

Since you do DELCO I suggest maximizing the baking time if you are not already doing so. Next, allow the pizzas to steam-off for a minute or so before cutting and boxing (nothing ever good came from putting a steaming hot pizza into a closed box). Use ripple sheets or Pizza Savors under the pizza in the box. Make sure your boxes have steam vents and make sure they’re opened. Put a THIN application of oil on the skin prior to dressing it as this will impede moisture migration from the sauce and toppings into the baked crust. Minimize the amount of vegetable toppings used on the pizza. Minimize the amount of sauce used on the pizza. If you are thinning your sauce, don’t, or thin it as little as absolutely possible (test your sauce by putting a spoon full onto a china plate and see if there is any syneresis (weeping of moisture) taking place over a 10-minute period of time. A little (like a halo) is OK but a lot, to the point where it is running across the plate is problematic. When it comes to DELCO pizzas an air impingement oven provides a drier pizza, better suited to the DELCO concept than a typical deck oven.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor