Soggy Crusts - Help!

I’m very new to the pizza making business and have been using a dough recipe the previous owner gave me and it’s been working just fine, up until the last few days. The outside temperature has increased and I find that although using the same quantities, the finished crust is quite soggy and doughy when cooked, whereas they had been crispy before. A typical batch is made using 3.5 kg flour, 40g dried yeast (fermipan red), 60g salt, 100g olive oil, 1750g water. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? :? :?

Have you been taking the temperature of the finished dough to be sure it is in the range of about 80-85 degrees F? As the weather has turned warm, possibly your dough is fermenting too fast. You may need to use cooler water to get the finished dough temperature within the above range. There may also be humidity issues if you are now using your air conditioning.

Nerd, is right with the colder water…you could also decrease the yeast a bit

I have a very simple answer

Buy a air impengment oven

Thanks everyone. Will change quantities and see what happens. No need to buy a new oven just yet :lol: