Sold my first pizzas!

I am not even open for business I already sold 2 pizzas! Yeah I know, but at least it is a start.

A neighbor owed a soccer team a couple of pizzas for a goof up on their schedule for the indoor season (she coordinates the teams) and called to order a couple of pies instead of the local shops.

Delivery will be tonight, however not sure how to get them to the indoor complex hotand fresh as I don’t have any boxes!

Should be a great opportunity to do some networking and get the name out there. I just hope the home oven is up to the challenge!

the first ones are full of anticipation, I remember my first day selling pizzas less than 2 years ago.
you eill be making changes and as your volume grows, a differnt oven may be in order…
what kind of home oven are you using now?
I do a lot of experimenting in a home oven(s).
I put them on a black disk and they do pretty well,

good luck to you,


If there is a place near by that uses plain white boxes sent in your wife and have her buy the boxes as “gift boxes”.

Daddido - good idea, I will check around and call the wife.

Otis - we have a typical gas oven so I use a “pampered chief” stone. been working pretty good, and I research some good tips over at making so I am going to use the stone to get the initial bake and then move the pizza to a top rack to brown up the cheese.

I was having trouble with great crispy crust but cheese not completely ready or the crust being over done and the cheese perfect.

where are you located?
any gfs or sams club around
both sell boxes

worse case can do like the old little cesears
cut out a square cardboard place pizza on and staple in a bag

if you would like your home oven to cook like a deck take out your rack cover it with foil. lay your pan in the middle and cut out the pan size. there wont be much left but it turns the oven into apizza oven. home ovens send the heat up and over the food.result cheese done before the crust. this method results a crisp crust and then the cheese. you wont believe the results. i am oening a pizza place and needed to make pizza at home first. when ever i gave someone a pizza they asked what store i got it from its that good.i tried stones, pans,disk . all you need is a good black pan the thick pans work the best.very important every oven is different so start out at 375, then move up 25 degrees until it reaches the perfect crust.16" pan is a good size. hope this helps.

Hey Pazzo,

I just talked to my wife who goes to Spiro’s on a regular basis, they don’t have any print on them.

I just called them and they will give you as many as you need!!!

I told them I was making pizzas for a soccer team and was wondering if I could buy some boxes and they said,“You don’t need to buy them, you can just have them!”


Thanks nwcw2001

I was able to stop by our local indy an get a few boxes that were plain. Looks like the pizza was a hit, not a single piece left. My neighbor is on this team so I asked today (the day after) what the other team members had to say.

Everyone was raving about the pizza, sounds like we might on to something. Although a baby step, at least we are starting a buz.

Good deal Pazzo!!

if you would like your home oven to cook like a deck

The way we do it at work (chef) and the way I do it at home, is with sheetpans. Crank the oven to 500* and turn the sheetpan upside down, then you have an extremely hot flat(ish) surface. Works just like a deck.