Sold Sign

As many of you know we have had our commercial building for sale for a couple of months.

We got a contract a few weeks ago. We are scheduled to close in 2 weeks. Still in the inspection period…the buyers have till Monday to cancel based on the inspection they had last thursday.

So we drive by today and there is a big ol sold sign…WTF?

Waiting for our realtor to return my call. Just want to know if I am off base cuz I’m ticked. It is not sold until check has cleared. Seems to me it will scare off other potential buyers if for some reason the deal falls through.

What do you think? :roll:

Raise H#LL about it. “Under Contract” is one thing . . . sold is not even in the bullpen yet. I would be unhappy at least . . . and probably really unhappy . . .unless this was part of the agreement/contract I signed with the realtor. Check the details if you signed anything.

Agreed. Recheck your contract if any, and pull the sign off yourself till the check clears.

There is also the possibility that the buyers have given the realtor the go ahead with the signing and do not plan on backing out. It is fairly common to have a residential realtor put a sold sign up on a house that has an accepted offer even before closing. It’s their advertisement that they sold the place since usually after closing the new owners tear down and remove the yard or window signs. Yes, I would be upset if it fell through after posting a sold sign…but I wouldn’t over react too much until you talk to the agent involved.

I agree with qfcmike. I would just talk to the realtor and ask if they’re confident the property is sold and paperwork is all that needs signed. Let them know you’re concerned about what what another potential buyer would think after seeing it sold, then back up on the market.

When i bought my house in 2003, the sold sign was up before i heard anything from the realtor or bank.
I would assume once the financing is approved, they can move forward.

I wouldn’t sweat it, Any deal can fall apart. Just be glad your almost there.