August 2018 Edit: This business and property are now sold. Congrats to the new owner. Best wishes to all you Think Tankers!

Both our children are out of the house and we are ready to get out.

We area located in a major Colorado Ski Resort Town. Unlike nearly every other pizza business for sale this one includes the possibility of owning the location!

Come and get it! Ski town life with a solid established business… running well in a town with great schools, nice people, world class skiing, mountain bike riding and fly fishing. Good crew in place. Send a PM for info.

High volume package of stacked MM wide belts. Very large walk-in. Nearly 500 square foot upstairs storage area (great view of the ski mountain from up there!) Six station Microworks/Prism POS with online ordering and CC processing. All stations replaced in the last 36 months. Ideal location for delivery between “town” and the resort area.

Please be prepared to sign a Non-disclosure and provide financial info about yourself to demonstrate ability to close a deal before receiving confidential business info. Contact me by message on this board with your name, phone and email and I will get back to you.

I am the owner of both the business and the real estate. I am also a licensed broker in Colorado.