Some Kudos...

…to Jeff & his crew @ Point of Success…tho I’m an old customer, our system has been off line for a while and several advancements have been made, not only on the POS side, but also on the Big Holler on-line side…

Even tho I don’t have a support policy, they’ve talked me thru the minor idiocyncrycies I’ve developed…Jeff himself got caught stuck talking to me as well and was most gracious as well as informative…

Makes ya wonder why anyone would go anywhere else to get their system…

Jeff himself got caught stuck talking to me as well and was most gracious as well as informative…

Talking with a customer is not an uncommon thing with me. Probably happens about as often as most owners pitch in on the make line! Customers are more fun than anything else I do - Thank you for the compliment!

I have to agree with you Patriot. Jeff and his staff have always been very accommodating on the RARE occasions I have needed help with their system.

There are features I would like to see added to Point of Success but they are not urgent enough to make me leave the simplicity of the software and the excellent service of the staff.

I agree with Jeff, helping customers overcome challenges is the most rewarding part of any job i have had.

I’m in full agreement. I’ve never purchased the Tech Support stuff, but they’ve never turned me away from support. Although, it’s a pretty user friendly software and they’ve rarely needed to spend more than a couple minutes to get my issue resolved. Most of my issues have been Big Holler related and they were always helpful even though I sensed the problem wasn’t really on their end. If they ever find a better online ordering partner, I’d reopen that service in a heart beat.

Kudos Jeff! POS is one of the few vendors I’ve dealt with that understands the partnership aspect of this business.

I worked with another POS for 1.5 years. I sat at that desk answering calls regarding 15k to 100k POS systems (no exaggeration we had a customer with 20+ terminals that paid more than 100K for their setup) every day for over a year and kept asking myself…is this logical, is this ethical, is this right??? The dealer I worked for set their systems up to purposely have errors and bugs so the customers would be reliant on the 1k (again no exaggeration) yearly helpdesk plan or pay 130 per hour for helpdesk service.
I had the capital, time and money to choose any POS I wanted to vend, but ended up being a dealer for Point of Success and here is why:

  1. Point of Success is bullet proof, reliable and extremely stable!
  2. point of Success is very reasonably priced.
  3. Gift card and Loyalty cards are free, ask any other vendor how much their monthly plans are!
  4. Point of Success has nearly every feature the “other guys” have they just left out the BUGS! Beyond that there are many features the “other guys” don’t have!
  5. Jeff and his team are AMAZING, they care about you the customer more than lining their pockets.

The bottom line…you cant go wrong with Point of Success!

I have to respond to this thread to also give some kudos to this company.

I absolutely LOVE my Point of Success software - I would never dream of using another. Jeff and his crew have helped me modify and customize things several times, essentially using their free time to do so. We’ve been running it for 2 1/2 years now, and it has not once failed me.

Besides the base software, the inventory module is absolutely killer. Thanks Jeff!

I’m confused. How does Jeff pay his support team and pay the associated overhead if no one is paying for support?

I am hoping to purchase a POS in the next 6 months and need to start looking into options. My budget will probably not be very large. Approximately how much would it cost me to get setup with this company. I have 1 register, 2 phone lines, pizza station, sub station, fryer station


I would be happy to discuss features and pricing. I work for K and K POS, an independent dealer of Point of Success Software and POS Hardware. Please feel free to PM me or contact me at anytime.

K and k POS