Some of my equipment for sale

I have a PS200 double stack conveyor for sale and complete hood system. The PS200 needs some work, I used the ovens for 2 years but they had problems with the initial firing. This maybe an easy fix, but I live in a small community with no restaurant service industry and I have zero mechanical ability. I am selling the ovens for $2500 firm. I also have a complete hood system that came out of a Dominos. The hood is in good shape, but I can not vouch for the make-up air and suction motor. The hood system was part of a package deal and I already had a hood in my location. The hood and complete system is 1200 firm. If anyone is interested e-mail me.

I am interested in your ovens. Can you please call me on my cell 206-769-4466 so I can arrange payment and pick-up.

Duo I think you mean $5200 and 2100… :wink: