Some people will say anything for free stuff....

Just Thursday night I had a customer call and say I picked up 2 large pizzas a little while ago 1 pepperoni and one cheese. The pepperoni is fine but the cheese is missing 2 slices from it.

So many things running through my head as shes saying this. I know that there is no way a pizza goes out the door with slices missing from it. I had one girl on the ovens all night who has been with us over a year and is more than intelligent enough to realize she is removing slices from a whole pie in the middle of a rush.

So in any case I simply reply we will gladly exchange the pizza for a new one just bring it back and we will have one ready for you. A few minutes later a young boy about the age of 10 comes walking in the door pizza box in hand. I exchange the pizza with him then open the box to find there are now 3 slices missing from the pizza.

We made a note in the customers profile in our POS but come on people really??? Did we really do this just for 3 slices of free pizza?

people do say anything… but what can we do argue?

lucky for us pizza is cheap and can be replaced…

if they are willing to drive there and drop it off, ill be happy to exchange.

9/10 they wont come and drive.

I had a guy call one night and complain about a pizza he didn’t even order! He said his dad picked it up earlier that day. I was in the kitchen all day and answering phones all day, and we didnt even have a call in the caller id from any number he tried to say it was from. He even went so far as to threatening to call OSHA (yes, OSHA) if I didnt remake the pizza he said he ordered.

Edit: His name and/or number wasnt even in our POS system, and neither was his dads!

I remember working for a Domino’s that sent out a pizza with 2 slices missing. It was pretty funny actually.

This was probably back in 1988, but it stuck with me. The customer ordered, then left for some reason, so he wasn’t there when the driver showed up. We were busy, so the driver brought it back. Got a call 5 minutes later, and he asked us to bring it out again. He didn’t answer the door.

This time, the manager just said crew pie it, and we waited for the inevitable call back. Turns out that he was in his back yard the second time, and didn’t hear the bell. So, we made a fresh pizza, and sent it out again, but the driver grabbed the wrong box, and the customer got an hour old pizza with a few slices missing.

He called back again, and we sent out the fresh pizza. I will never forget that last call. “I got the pizza finally, but there are a few slices missing …” He was very cool about it, and said sorry he wasn’t there the first time, and tipped the driver well.

I had a boyish looking woman steal our punch and a stack of free pizza punch cards 3 weeks ago. 3 days later another boyish woman came in with a filled punch card. (We only had these cards for less than 2 months and nobody ever saw her before.). I followed her out and wrote down her plate and car info in case she came back again soon. A week later the original thief comes in with a punch card. ( we have video system) I let her take the pie, then follow her outside ( our dining room was full) and I tell her outside to never come back. Three minutes later she comes in screaming that she demand to see the video, and I should look at her hair cause its different. I had to physically remove her from my shop and have the cops come and get rid of her. All for free pizza. After checking the pos system, both women called from same number, rode by the address on police report and both of their cars are there. I am waiting for the first thief to come back, she doesn’t know I’m on to her yet.