someone want to volunteer to deliver

As many of you know we have opened a NY style pizza with a social cause. Many people have come forward to volunteer so far including one of the top chef’s at the Eldorado resort/casino/hotel. He comes in after his shift at 2pm and works with us till closing. He is 64 and an amazing chef and source of non stop energy and having worked there for 21 year has brought in a lot of Reno’s top movers and shakers including La Strada’s award winning Italian chef Ivano Centemeri.

Last night I got an email from a woman that has offered to deliver our pizza in her vehicle for no pay-as a volunteer. Judy and I figure this is not a good idea liability wise. We do not do delivery and our insurance policy does not contain this coverage. But with her doing it strictly as a volunteer I wonder if that is ok? Thanks. Walter

I’m not a lawyer, but I would advise against this. Pretty sure you could still get sued and even risk some employment practice issues with the state

Just get insurance and pay them accordingly. You will sleep better

Say I really appreciate the offer, but we don’t want to deliver. Besides the liability or employment issues you could run into, having 1 volunteer delivering leads to consistency issues. Customers don’t know, are you delivering today? Yes, but only for these 2 hours. It’s one thing if you have a big event you’re catering and they want to help out by taking the pizzas for you. It’s another to have to answer the “Do you deliver?” question with “Well, we kind of do.” Not worth the hassle. If they want to volunteer, they could help with picking up supplies or something like that. Never a shortage of things that need done.

thanks for the replies. I agree it is not a good idea legally or with consistency. We don’t want to do deliveries anyway. Walter

With a full-time driver, my guess is that things may be different.
But I am agreeing with others on consistency issues with you or customers not knowing if you have a driver or not.
Maybe, maybe if you are catering large events that exceed a few hundred dollars per order, but not like a typical pizza delivery person.

I too would advise against this for a couple of reasons like stated above also you don’t want to run into payroll problems as edd wants it’s payroll taxes and workman’s comp wants it’s insurance money. You could possibly run into problems there as well.

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