Somerset dough sheeter....which rollers are best?

I’ve been ordering equipment all week. It’s so exciting and stressful at the same time! LOL I’ve decided on a Somerset double pass dough sheeter, but I need to choose metal or plastic rollers? Opinions?

Our clients prefer the plastic rollers.

George Mills

I had one with plastic rollers, but the real question is, do you want a roller in the 1st place? It degasses the dough considerbly…

one of our very successful groups, 400 shops, has one in every shop.

George Mills

I’ve always used Acme double pass sheeter with metal rollers. They last forever. Somerset sheeters tend to not last nearly as long from what I was told by a dealer and also two friends of mine have pizza places nearby and said their Somerset sheeters broke down and had to replace them. George, what is your take on sheeter brands?

We have several hundred Somerset units in the field for several years with almost no problems.
Acme and Anets are excelent sheeters also.

George Mills

my Somerset ran 1500-2000 skins/day for years, when I was wholesaling…never missed a beat…I would tho, break it down weekly to clean…replaced a few springs over the years…maybe spent $5…

In my area, almost every independent, and most local franchises, that I know of all use a sheeted crust. It just seems to be the style around here. Maybe Tennessee as well. That’s why I’m working on a hand tossed and pan pizza. It’s actually kind of sad how much it would stand out around here.

we used to have an ACME 30yrs ago with metal rollers and replaced it with a Somerset with synthetic rollers about 15 yrs ago…love my Somerset and I noticed they now make a model that docks the dough as it sheets it…anybody try this yet?

Thanks everybody! I ended up getting one with plastic rollers. It was used and half the price of a new one. Yay!!!