Somerset sheeter cdr 2000

Has anyone recently purchased a somerset CDR 2000 and having motor issues? I purchased three of these units a little over a year ago and all of the motors have failed. Two were covered under warranty the last one was not.

Recently (2 weeks ago) bought a new one. Will report back if we have issues. We have 2 others, one from 2010 and one from 2018. We had the 2010 motor rebuilt once. No issues (yet, knock on wood) with the 2018.

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Yes. You need to change out the capacitor on it. Easy fix and it’ll save you tons of money. I ordered 2 when this happened.

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Thank you for the help. Can you post a link of what you purchased?

I’ve gone through 2 motors in two years. 1st one was under warranty. 2nd one was out of warranty but they honored it as long as I paid for shipping. They mentioned that they have changed suppliers so I’m wondering if they were having a lot of issues with the previous motor. I’ll see how long this new one lasts.

My service technician mentioned this to me. Maybe I’ll have them do that first if it goes again. I believe the new motor is around $1800

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