something you would do the same if done over again

as for me,
the Fifty Pounder Pizza
a 20 " pizza with “50” slices of pepperoni and a full “pound” of cheese
sells well for $18.99
…like dumb luck, I saw someone mention that on the Think Tank and decided to run with it…
now, the pizzeria is known locally as “home of the 50 Pounder”


That is great. That could almost be like the trainwreck that Nick had, it snapped a peel in half. Sweet!

I already put 47 slices of pep and 10oz cheese on a 14"

If it was 20" it would be more like the 65 1 and a half pounder :slight_smile:

I have a pie called the works…pep, sausage, black olive, mushroom. onion, bell peppers…

And for the same price “The works on Steroids” all the above plus bacon ,green olives, fresh garlic, and maters…our best seller.

that’s alot of cheese per square inch
what kind of cheese do you use /

Grande WM diced…