Sommerset CDR2000 cleaning procedures?

The pre-owned sheeter I purchased just arrived, and as expected in a need of a serious cleaning. Can anyone provide some guidance particular to this model? I guess I’m looking for some assistance in telling me what and how has to be removed, or else I’ll just dive right in like I usually do and stop when I run out of parts.

A link to a manual would be sweet.

Nick @ Somerset is most helpful when I had one 978-667-3355

but you can do it yourself - just take a digital pic of the way the scrapers are installed - you need to re-install them the exact same way!!! Don’t loose the springs either, but u can replace them @ Home Depot…

Have fun!

Good luck.

I’ve taken the scrapers out of my Anets 1000 times - and every time I go to put it back together you’d think it was the first time…