Sommerset Dough Press

We are replacing a bad switch on ours. The switch was broke before but still works. Today someone pulled the wires on the old switch. The press sparked and quit working. It did not blow any breakers, or anything of the sort. We have taken it apart, put the new switch in, and still cant get it to work. Any ideas, do these have fuses, or a reset button?

I don’t have an answer to your post but I can relate. The switch on our Sommerset sheeter gave out too. As it was stuck in the “on” position, we just plugged it into a power strip with a switch. I really should get it fixed though. Where did you pick up the switch and how much did it set you back?

I called somerset and ordered the swtich, only around $20. The magnetic safety switches were fried on mine, causing it to not turn on.