Sommerset dough rounder

Can the popular sommerset dough rounder work for a dough that has hydration of 75%? We do 275gr balls

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I’ve used dough sheeters on doughs that were approaching 70% but not 75% (that’s Focaccia country), even then I had to use a LOT of dusting flour and you really couldn’t sheet the dough in the truest sense as the sheeting rolls were very wide and far apart, also the dough will be difficult to handle coming off of the slide, best part though is experienced when you didn’t use enough dusting flour on the dough and it sticks to one of the rollers, then smears around it and jams up on/under the scraper blade. A dough like that is really pretty pliable, why would you want to use a sheeter/dough roller on it? If uniformity is what you are seeking a rolling pin or pastry pin would actually work a lot better and is just as fast.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I don’t know about the Sommerset rounder but it seems very similar to the A&M rounder. I’m pretty confident that a dough of that hydration level would not work in an A&M rounder.

Sorry about that!!! Allow me to eat some crow! I was reading sheeter not rounder, shame on me! Paul, you are absolutely correct, dough with that kind of absorption will not work in the rounder, the skin on the dough will just smear around the inside making a mess.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor