Sorrento Cheese quality issues!

Anyone here have consistency issues with Sorrento cheese. I purchase it both from Restaurant Depot and Sysco. When it is on, it is really on! But when it is off, good Lord! Sometimes it has the consistency of cream cheese and I use twice as much on pizzas losing money in the process. I always send back what I can, but sometimes on a weekend it may be all I have. Other times it is so lacking in moisture that it will cook and taste almost like a dry parmesean. When it is like this, I also have to use too much to make the pizzas look half way normal. We measure cheese, but have to add because the final product is awful. I am waiting back for a response from Lactilis, the parent company of Sorrento. I am certain that I need to switch cheese companies but have never found one as economical and as good (when it is on) as Sorrento.
Anyone else have similar experiences?

Yes, I have the same issues. It usually involves summer heat. The cows drinking more water, diluting the solids and then no adjustments made at the plant to compensate. I still use it though because our customers rave about it. Oh well summer is almost over.

I would guess that your issues likely have to do with the age of the cheese. With recent price volatility your suppliers have probably at times been waiting till the last minute to buy and selling you cheese that is too fresh, and at other times they likely stocked up and wound up selling you cheese that was older than they normally do. There should be a date code on the label that they can use to decipher the manufacture date. Compare the age of the stuff that cooks well compared to the other scenarios and I would bet the “cream cheese” consistency is older and the parmesan consistency is newer.

Sorry but how can you say “so economical and good” when you have had repeated issues like this? Yeah maybe it is the best cheese out there when it is on…but how much money has been lost too having to over-cheese the pizza…remake a pizza…or the worst of it all…how many customers have noticed a really bad on and now buy elsewhere and tell others about the problem? This is a really big issue. I think cheese falls 2nd to only the crust in the order of things people look for in a pizza. At least my list. Crust, cheese, sauce, toppings… and the first 2 are the make or break ones. I would say to shop around and find a good and consistant product that even with a higher cost will pay for itself! :idea: