Sorry I needed to vent!

Hello All,

I am not on topic here but had to share my night with everyone because it is a situation that comes up every so often and I was smack damn in the middle of it. I went to my favorite pizza place tonight with my family, including my inlaws and my brother in law and his girlfriend. It is a little place…mostly carryout but has about a dozen tables or so for dine-in. Grabbed the only table to fit the 7 of us right next to a group of 4 drunk guys celebrating St. Patricks day a little early. I didn’t say anything as they sat there and drank a bit and swore every other word for a while and just as I was about too…our pizza came and I kind of let it go. Then my 2 1/2 year old was all excited about the olives on one of the pizzas and was asking for them and kindof yelling…daddy daddy…olives…I want some… Nothing too loud…nothing bad… But then the idiots at that table said “can’t you shut that kid up”!!! WTF! I do not loose my temper often but that did it. I stood up walked around to the front of the drunk idiots and gave them a very loud piece of my mind. Got the attention of everyone in the store…all customers and workers alike. I do not like to make scenes but that was enough. I told them to take their drunk asses out of there before help them out. The owner, who I know came over and asked what was going on and I informed him…and he also asked them to leave. They then proceeded to leave with a few choice words and went and hung out front for about 15 minutes. The owner asked if I thought they were going to be a problem and I said…kind of looks like it…so he called the police and next thing you know they were being chased down the street and 3 of the 4 were arrested for multiple things…from fleeing too drug possession. The fourth one was actually too drunk to run and for some reason was not locked up. I know this post isn’t really about any but I was impressed about how the owner stood up for his store and his customers…even though he knew me…it just seems these days so many people just back down and get walked all over. I guess that’s my point. Just needed to share I guess. Tired of so much BS going on in this world.

you would love our place, no beer and 24 hour a day Disney movies. kids get a little loud but we sometime run a muck but they enjoy them selves and as a parent if the kids are happy and we can eat our food while they are entertained, really what more is there.

Oh…I need to clarify… They didn’t get this drunk at the pizza place… they came in that way. They do serve beer at the pizza place but the croud is never the lets get falling down drunk type. Mostly family or just a higher class of people or kids for the most part. A funny side note to this whole situation is that I almost ran over these idiots upon arriving there. There were trying to cross the road without great success and I almost hit two of them as them tried to get across a busy 4 lane road at 6pm. It was just my damn luck that they walked in and sat at one of the only tables left right next to where I had to sit. Makes ya think…next time should I brake? If I only drove a Toyota! :stuck_out_tongue:

Toyota - too damn funny!!!

Oh what a feeling