sorry to bother you just a quick question

ciao dino, my name is patrick santo-donato i am thinking of opening a pizza parlor/wine bar. i was wondering if you could suggest any pizza schools or if you would suggest any wood burning ovens. i am 26 and have been working in the restaurant business since age 12. i have hundreds of questions and i am desperately trying to learn if you know of any one who would teach me ropes in exchange for free labor i will move any where. Thank you for your time and if this sounds stupid i apoligize for wasting your time. if you ever have time 2 help i would pay you for any time you could spend talking to me. thank you
patrick santo-donato

If you take a look part way up this page you will see information on the annual “AIB Practical Pizza Production Course”…I know nothing about it, so you will have to do some research…There is a link you can follow…Good luck…


First of all, I salute your ambition, your recognition that you have things to learn and the effort to find a way to learn it.

You are a young man. My suggestion is that you find the largest, best run business of a type similar to what you are interested in and get a job there. No need to work for free. If you are a contributing member of the team, your questions will be answered by an involved owner. If that job does not work out or they do not help you learn, give two weeks notice. Work out the notice professionally and get a different job where they will.

I have spent a lot of time over the years mentoring my managers. They do a better job for me as a result, it costs me only time and they will benefit down the line.

If you work in a few places, you will find that each is good at some things and there will be plenty to learn. At the same time START SAVING MONEY. Put $$ away EVERY pay check. When the day comes for you to try your hand at your own place, you will need to have money to do it and you will not be able to get all of it from a bank.

At the same time, talk to older adults you respect that own businesses and find out what bank to work with. Open your accounts there. Introduce yourself to a bank officer or the president and tell them BRIEFLY of your ambitions and that you want to establish the kind of relationship that will lead to them supporting you when the time comes in a couple/few years. RUN THAT BANK ACCOUNT FLAWLESSLY.

Don’t buy new cars. Don’t run up credit card debt. Join a service organization in your community. is doing an article on pizza/wine places. She is doing research for PMQ mag. Give her a buzz. Maybe she can help.

thank you very much for your wisdom i do greatly appreciate it. i am planning on going to the aib practical mentioned above i think it should help greatly. in the worst case it should give me a minimal amount of experience so maybe i can get a local business to hire me. it seems know in my area has the time or just doesnt care to teach someone from the beginning. thanx for your input