Soup anyone?

Anyone out there doing soups. Thinking of doing some soup for the lunch crowd. Tomato, minetrone, maybe even chili? Anyone?

We’re actually going to be doing some soups during the winter time. But we haven’t gotten it set up yet. Seem to be too busy without it. So far, we’ve tried one free sample, working on the second.

Not sure if this is something you would be interested in, but my produce guy gets these frozen gourmet soups and they are PHENOMENAL, out of this world. You would never be able to tell in a million years that its frozen or prepackaged. They all taste just like homemade soup should. A little pricey but when you break it down and the amount you would charge for it, it’s def a money maker.

who’s your supplier and whats the name?

we’ve done soups in the wintertime for the past 3 years… for us their hit or miss, because we have to stay competitve with the places down the street with soup, we don’t make much $ off of them. I’d like to get rid of them totaly, however a few of the companies that order from us, a couple people get soup… i would’nt want to lose the whole order because we did’nt have freakin soup.

Invest in a soup warmer or a structure that allows for a branded and/or homemade soup. It sells and it cross sells. Chicken Noodle, Chilli, Italian Wedding, Vegetable Beef…etc.


Love the soup! We make our own and have customers that come every day in the winter time for it. Serve it in 12 or 16 oz cup. Also have 8 oz sourdough or italian bread bowls. (boule) I make 10 quarts of soup at a time. My food costs run between $18 to $24 a batch. (320 fl oz) I offer it for 2 days then either freeze or we eat the leftovers at home if there is anything left. : ) Chili is offered everyday. Here in the midwest we were raised
on soup, grilled cheese and hot chocolate in the winter time!
Here is a list of what we offer:
Stuffed Pepper Soup Lemon Rice w/Chicken
Potato w/Bacon Roasted Red Potato w/Garlic
Chicken Bow Tie
Beef Noodle
Taco Soup
Cheesy Broccoli
Creamy Chicken
Golden Mushroom
Some are family recipes, probably all can be found on line. Most ingredients we have on hand anyway so it is really easy, just more prep. Just a few ideas for you…

Most ‘sit down’ restaurants soups incorporate ‘leftovers’ or unused food items from the day before to make their soups much more profitable and thrifty.

What recipes lend themselves to ‘leftovers’ and nearly expired items found in a pizza restaurant? Stretching otherwise unused food into a profitable soup is yet another way to make ends meet in the current economic (and cold!) climate. Turn what is otherwise waste into a profit.

You can add rice or noodles to most anything and make a hearty soup. What are the most common leftover, but useable items?