soupy pizza

I never really liked my dough to much so I recently switched and used one of the recipes in here. The only difference was sugar instead of whey. My pizza seems to be really soupy in the middle now. I cant pick up a 10" slice without everything sliding off. Is it the dough? I could try and use less sauce. How much sauce is typical for say 12"? It was never really crispy on bottom but now it is actually wet on bottom. But tastes great.

It could be one of several things. Here are some check points:

  • Did you change the sauce recipe, supplier, amount used?
  • Are you using fresh veggies or IQF?
  • Do you put toppings on top of cheese or underneath?
  • Did you change any aspect of your oven (cook time, speed, etc.)?
  • What type of pizza are you making (thin, hand-tossed, pan, sheet, etc>)?

Some of these answers may help us find the problem.

try krisp it?

I was thinking about krisp it my old boss used to use it. No, I didnt change anything else, my oven does seem like its cooking slower for some reason though, thought it was just my imagination. I make hand tossed, fresh everything. The sauce actually was a little thicker with that batch. What i find odd is that I was eating a 10" and I had customers that were eating a 12" that were both watery. But, my pizza by the slice was great, dry. I could pick it up and nothing slid off it was dry all morning. Only difference is PBS is a little thicker?? Dont get it