Sourcing baking stone for BP y_600

Anyone know a good place to order/acquire a replacement stone for my y600 oven? I have 2 of the three I need, and am looking to order/buy the one I need for the set. I can always look oline in a random search, but a referral is always a better bet since you guys do all sorts of business with all sorts of folks.

George, do you guys sell these replacement stones?

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When we had to replace one of our stones we found going local was the best bet…sorry george…The shipping was more expensive than the stone.

We ended up just going to Hobart service. They ordered it we picked it up. If you have a used equip dealer they may have one.


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Thomas O’Toole

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God continue to smile on Otis Gunn. I found a post from him in the search I did. He has a link to a place he used for after-market pizza stones (NOTE: BP labelled replacement stone is $699 plus shipping for about $950 FOR ONE STONE 20"x36"x1.5"). I spring off that link to a place in Atlanta that sells locally the same stones Otis linked to. They are even drop-shipped from Fibrament to me.

Anyone in Southeast that needs stones, I recomend[/url] as a good start. prices are much better than BP, and these folks can sell lots of sizs and thicknesses of stones. I am also checking pricing with [url=]

Shipping will be almost half my cost if I get a new stone from one of these places. I am still looking for a place to get one locally in Atlanta. At least $375 is a far sight better than $950! :shock:

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Otis is one guy I wish I’d had the chance to meet. I really got used to reading his posts on here. Good to know he’s “still working” there somewhere!

Sorry guys I got to this late:
We usually do not sell stones they are very expensive and costly to ship we, just give folks the names and numbers listed in the above messages,

In the metro Detroit area there is a company Michigan Marble that cuts the material used in ovens to order perhaps if those in need of stones would check companies that handle Marble in their area they could save shipping charges if the local marble outfits have a material like fibramint.

George Mills