Southern Pizza?

On Facebook you asked about “Southern” Pizza. Colorado considers iteself a Southwestern State so… here are a couple of “Southwestern” Pizzas:

Rio Grande
Mesquite Chicken Breast, Jalapenos, Red Onion, Fresh Roma Tomatos. Our own red sauce plus mozzerella cheese on hand tossed fresh dough.

“Snow in Texas”:
Chopped Garlic and Olive Oil, Ricotta Cheese, Mesquite Chicken Breast, Artichoke Hearts, Fresh Roma Tomatos all with Mozzarella Cheese on Fresh hand tossed dough.

Wild Game Special
Rocky Mountain Elk Sausage (Colorado), Wild Boar Sausage (Texas), Fresh Mushrooms, Red Onions, Fresh Roma Tomatos, Our own Red Sauce, Mozzarella cheese all on Fresh hand tossed dough.

Those are some great looking pies. Makes me wanna drive out and have some!