Space for seating

I am looking at a spot that is 2,500 sq ft. I was wondering how many seats could I comfortably fit in there for dine in? As far as kitchen space I will only be serving pizzas,a few appetizers and drinks for dine in and carryout.

Hey Trey… a lot depends on how the layout works. What is the sqft of the kitchen and bathrooms. Entry way taking out…required exits…etc. Just going from personal experience…I would say you will seat around 100 based on 50% of your space being the dining area. This number could go up or down by as much as 30% based on layout. Your best bet is going to a local food service / equipment provider or even a table and chair supplier…they usually do free basic layouts based on the assumption you will buy their products. Help them by doing a basic drawing of what you think you want…and they will almost always find ways to make better use of the space with ideas you just cannot imagine until it is on paper.

I agree. My dining room is about 650 sq/ft and I have 55 seats. I could probably add 10 if I worked on it, but I don’t need it right now. You could probably use less than 50% of your space on the kitchen, but counter space and drink station will eat up some of that.

Contact George Mills for a layout.
George posts here often.
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Did one for me for about $100

Also, be sure to check with your local codes department as they willmost likely have a “say” in the matter too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks Success for the recommendation.

Mike is right on about the importance of the layout, aisle ways and traffic patterns can have a great influence on seating capacity.

Tom’s advise is allways good.

A rule of thumb for seating 10 to 15 sq feet per seat. Depends a lot on type of furniture used.

George Mills