Space Needed For A Delco

I am looking to start a delco and was wondering how much space would be needed. I plan to have pizzas,wings,salads and drinks. I am going to have a conveyor oven and possibly 2 fryers. I will be making dough in-house I am looking at a spot that is 1000 sq. ft. Will this be enough?

You know you can select an “ovenable” wing and skip the fryers. That’ll save you tons of cash up front for vent hoods and fire suppression systems. On the sq. foot question, I’m not sure your location etc. but a trip to sit down with your county or city health inspector would probably tell you exactly what you needed. The side benefit is these folks usually love it when the operator gets with them out front, it shows them we’re serious about keeping things legit.

I agree on the wings. We have been doing them in the oven for 12 years.

There are certainly plenty of delcos that operate out of 1000 feet… but I sure like having more. I guess projected sales would come into play. I do not know where I would keep my backstock of boxes, canned goods and frozen supplies if I had to cut down to 1000 feet.

You might inquire with the landlord about possibilities to expand if business is good or dry storage elsewhere on the premises for things like boxes and canned goods.

Another way to conserve interior space while adding cold storage is to put a walk-in cooler outside (if your locale and landlord allows). Might require some minor construction, but it can be like having 1200 sq.ft. of room for the monthly cost of 1,000 with only up-front costs for maybe constructing a doorway/connection (if required) and weather proofing the cooler roof with a “shower cap.”

I have 1200 SF and that has been plenty of room for me. I think that I would be able to do it in 1000 SF fairly easy. No fryers, wings go in the oven.

I had a delco that was only about 800 sq ft. It was long and narrow with everything including a small walk in. It all depends on how you use the space given.

Yes anything is possible but coming from a background where we expanded over and over and over…and yes we were a mfg not a retailer…but if you can afford 1200 or 1500 over 1000 and it is there…get it. Makes future expansion so much easier.

In our experience in designing thousand of pizza shops we found 1200 Sq .Ft. to be the least space for a well designed DELCO.

The configuration of the space is also of great importance. 20 Ft.wide by 60 Ft. deep or deeper is best. Square sites are difficult to work with and not advisable for those size DELCOS.

Any reasonable amount additional space is good.

Ventilation systems and A/C capacities are of the utmost importance. The ventilation system and A/C should be balanced with each other so that no make up air is required and 800 or less CFM of A/C is lost out the hood.

We regularly supply systems that meet the above specifications.

George Mills