I’m planning on opening a delco near a University basically built around pizza(some salads,wings,wraps,fountain drinks) and was wondering if anyone could tell me how much space would I need to run this properly…Thanks in advance for any help

more the better is genrally true

depending on how many different items you are serving, how much storage you need, a factor of # of deliveries per week and the reliability of them, etc

I am seeting up in a trailer, 24’ x 8.5. Am only doing pizza and soda.
I have to be very carefull in the equipment I choos and place. It would be good to have more room, but I had to deal the limitations of a mobile trailer.
photos at link below



Hey Otis, nice pics. I esp. love the “Orlando or Bust” sign! haha…You bringing the trailor with you to Orlando?