Spanish pizza market

Hi everybody, anybody knows the spanish pizza market?

I would like to franchise an american brand in Spain and I am beginning the search in order to get the best one which fits my market, the spanish one. Thanks

Your area of inquiry is well out of my area of expertise but I did want to say “Welcome” to the Think Tank! Surely someone will be able to guide you.

I’ve never been across the “pond”, but wouldn’t the Italians have saturated most of the European market? I’m just stabbing in the dark here.

Given Spain’s current economic situation, I am wondering if it is even wise to consider this.

Welcome PL. Correct me if I am wrong…but dont the Spanish people embrace the mom & pop operations over all chains and franchises just in general? I just do not remember the areas I have seen being built up with large commercial operations. That said… it pizza is the option you believe will work well… go indie and do it yourself. Why pay for corporate help unless you really see the need. Look at the area you want to do this in. I hope you live there now…as you need to know your customer base and what they see as acceptable offerings and pricing. Just blindly opening a franchised big name does not work a lot of the time. Ask yourself this… if the market wants a pizza shop or needs one… then why is there not one yet?

So learn the market, the area, the people, the competition, the cost of doing business there, and what type of returns are other similar sized operations seeing? Research Research Research!!! Best of luck to you!

The 80% of market in Spain is controlled by Telepizza, not even Pizza Hut or Dominos can enter to compete with this people. Founded by a cuban guy that worked for a big pharmaceutical that send him to Spain, its like Dominican Republic, they have their own chain Pizzarelli and its almost imposible to compete, good quality and low prices, they produce their own salsa, they farm his tomatos and almost everything. But opening a small pizzeria, can be better instead a big franchise with the look of franchise. Now Spain had bad times in the economy so think about it.