I’m not going to make any political statement here, but does anyone have any experience with a menu in Spanish? I am in South Louisiana and am finding that occasionally (in my four short weeks of operation) that I need one. Any comments?

I have found myself in a similar situation, the need to learn how to speak spanish has been made apparent. I just wish I had the time to learn.

you might get by with learning a few phrases/words in Spanish, like queso, grande, carne…

When I worked in CA yrs ago, you’d be surprised @ the # of Hispanics know far more English than we’ll ever learn Spanish…

I know a few spanish words… queso is cheese… grande is large, I can order beer and find the bathroom… that’s about it. Oh yeah, I can ask what time it is… of course I probably wouldn’t understand the response.

I am in CA, and I can remember 2 times in the last 2 years that we did not get the order because we had no spanish speaker here to take it. And at times when we did have spanish speakers on staff I can only think of a couple times where we actually needed to take the order in spanish.

I would think you’d need a menu in French rather than Spanish…



one night not too long ago someone called that barely spoke english… I had a hell of a time taking her order… after about ten minutes of trying to get her order and her address it was finally taken only to find out she gave me the wrong street name. I delivered it and was familiar with the neighborhood and i was able to find her, but it certainly would have been a lot easier if I knew spanish.

they wil get it across what they want—I can’t understand english when they call from the hood–need translation on address and order–hiring a hood rat didnt help much either–got better with spanish cook

My stance on this one is…Live Here? Learn to live here. I did not have any spanish speaking people at my location that did not know how to communicate in America.

I do agree though, the issue is sorted. You might need to cater to where your business is.

I totally agree with ya diva. If people want to immigrate here that’s fine, but learn to read, speak and write the language. want to speak your native language with your friends and family? fine, but at least know how to speak english. I mean, if I wanted to move to france and live there I would have to learn the language. Sure all the main tourist spots will have english speaking people… but thats not gonna be everywhere. When foreign exchange students come over here, they learn the english language before they do… it’s one of the requirements. When american students go over seas, they learn the language of the country they’re going to. It only seems right.

I’m in California and I think unless you are located right on the Rio Grande when they cross the river it is not necessary to have a Spanish menu. I certainly don’t think its worth the trouble for the couple extra orders you “might” get in a year.

I’ve never lost an order for not speaking spanish and never heard anyone complain of it.

If you are in an area, like the border area, you most likely have labor that can handle it anyway.

I might think you would risk offending or alienating people as well if you had a Spanish menu. You are a private business and have a right to do it, its your dime, but it rubs a lot of people the wrong way the way our government spends billions of dollars doing such things. Just something to think about.

2 of the many choices I see in this isse are:

  1. take elitest and globally insular stance and demand all customers in my town speak the queen’s english before we ‘bother’ with them.

  2. Learn enough of the primary languages spoken in my marketplace to take orders from them and provide a customer service that makes me potentially stronger in the market than the next guy who uses #1.

My biggest trouble with understanding customers is ‘Americans’ who never learned english when they were growing up. I took Spanish as a language in High School and College, so I remember enough to communicate on a very basic level and take orders when I need to. The loyalty it has generated is impressive. They are usually once a week customers.

I guess my question is “does anyone have a menu in Spanish?” I think I need to have one (and will also do one in French because of my market area) because the time & effort it takes to try to communicate in a foreign language that no one in my store can speak is disruptive at the counter, slow, and takes away from my other customers. As I said, I’m not making a political statement, I just need input from anyone who has had the same problem. i.e. I won’t deal in pesos, but I’m on I-10 and have alot of truckers & travelers in addition to my local folks. I guess what I see from the responses is that this problem in nationwide. Does anyone know where I could get simple Spanish translations for pizza items? Francais, or even Cajun French- I got dat cher.

I translated my menu into spanish last fall, and never got to use it before we had to close for relocation. If nothing else, it makes life a LOT easier on the front of house staff.

Well, you can do it yourself using online translator tools, or get someone to contract it for you. I have a customer locally who is a translator by profession (4 fluent languages). I can ask her what whe wold charge to do the translation . . . and have her husband draw it up in a digital file (technology profession), if you have your menu in a file you can email.

Took me a couple hours to translate my whole menu using online tools, and then another couple or three to transcribe my menu.