Spare parts for a Lincoln?

My Lincoln 1000 conveyor gear box jammed… any references for spare parts or repair? TIA

Are you sure its the gearbox? I’ve had conveyor control boards go out on my old 1100’s. In one case, it started outputting ac instead of dc, therefore, no movement on the motor.

You could call up tech support at lincoln and give them the serial number of your oven and they can look up the part number and give you a price.

Thanks Stebby, I’ve had it taken apart, and the reduction arm is locked. motor still runs fine.

If you contact Mark from Edge Ovens I’m sure he can help you. They still refurbish Lincoln ovens as well as manufacture their own ovens. His email is

I have been doing business with these guys for years… I am very satisfied.

Thanks Paul and bodegahwy… I contacted the ovenguys first thing Monday AM, they had the part and overnighted it right away. It arrived yesterday before opening. Those ovenguys are on top of it!! Thanks for the assist!