Speaking of riding the "short bus" . . .

Has anyone here left the house wearing their chef pants backwards? You know, the baggy sort of comfortable ones that are spaciously cut and have elastic waistbands?

Nick - your wallet goes in the “back” pocket, probably over yer right arse…just a clue…

I saw a guy getting off a short bus the other day with his sweatpants on backward.LOL

HEY! I never said I did that! I could have SEEN someone do it . . . .

Yup. That was my clue. I was ina framing shop with a painting and reached to get my cell phone in my pocket, but I had back pockets in my front. I carry my wallet in my front pockets, though. It was quite unnerving since that shop didn’t have a restroom for me to change, and the bank I had to go to had just one that was occupied . . . so I had to do my transactions before changing.

It was rather unobvious except for the zipper fly on my butt :lol:

I can only hope that no one here has a child that does actually “ride the short bus”… :oops:

Nick, you’re hired !!! You sound just like my drivers. :wink:


yellow stains in front, brown stains in the back. :slight_smile:

Hey Nick,as long as there wasn’t a man wearing a purple tight shirt standing behind you when you dropped your keys you shouldv’e been ok because he wouldv’e had e-z access to your koolaria…lol


I’m sitting here in Quartzsite, AZ, in my shop in my pajamas.

And you want to do an all night New Years Eve opening ??? :lol:


And you want to do an all night New Years Eve opening ??? :lol:


…yes, maye a pajama party !?!..
Otis :shock: