Special Customer Recognition

I was just going over my records and came to the realization that I have a Special Customer that I would like to do something for. This customer has been ordering from me since the week I opened and has ordered on average every week of the almost 4 years I have been open. I gave him the 50th 100th and 150th orders on the house. I feel a residential customer that is this loyal deserves something special. Does anyone have suggestions?

be very careful with this one. I worked for a store before I open mine. We had a customer who ordered every week without fail. Not big orders but the most frequent customer.

The store owner answered their call one day and in the conversation he mentioned they were his best customer. The customer thought he was joking (thinking that he said this to everyone) but the owner ewxpleined that since he opened they ordered more than anyone else in Town. From what he told me they were horrified that they ate more pizza than anyone else in town. They ordered that day but over the next few weeks we didn’t hear from them. The store owner didn’t want to call them as he felt so embarrassed about embarrsing them!

Of course everyone is different but I thought I share this cautionare tale.

That is one ironic story…

That’s some funny there. :lol:

We will be identifying our best customers but not telling them. We will just market to them differently. Make sure they get lots of personal attention.

You will notice in my post I had no mention of BEST what I said was LOYAL. There is a definate difference here. I have customers that have spent more in 6 months than this one has in almost 4 years. My thought was the loyalty should be rewarded.

I have heard this customer comment to other people “There is no other place to get pizza.” This is another reason I would lke to show my appreciation for the loyalty.

Do you know anything about this particular person? Other than name, phone number, orders etc… Does he like sports? What activities does he like? Does he have any kids? Are you thinking you want to do something pizza related or maybe something special that would be a huge surprise to him?

I know this couple quite well. They have no children. They are off-roaed JEEP fans. Both of them drive jeeps and he has a hobby/business modifying them. She works for sign and graphic place and he is an oilfield consultant.

I would like to do something other than free food.

That’s definitely a start. I’m sure if you put your mind to it you could think of something extra special. Do you have a budget? Would you want to do something sentimental like something that really only cost you your time and possibly something very minimal money wise, or just go out and purchase/buy something cool?

Trade with some place for gift certificates. Maybe the local carwash. Their incremental costs are very low so they are usually receptive.

I was thinking for the holidays, giving my 25 most loyal customers some kind of gift. I want to give them logo’d Cheese and Red Pepper Shakers, but I can’t seem to find anyone that does those.

Another way of showing your top customers is to give them their order free. Let them order and everything. When it comes time to pay, tell them personally how much you have appreciated their business and the meal is on you.

what works for me that we keep on doing for our best customers is…A hand written thank you card and a lottry ticket telling them they are worth a million dollars to us…good luck.
That usually goes over very well…ps had to mispell L ticket because its a censored word LOL

I really like that lotterry idea, and then how about a jeep shaped pizza! LOL!

I have been doing this every 6 months for my top 50 customers for the 6 months. I actually had one of the customers win $100. The response from the customers is great and it is a relatively cheap way to show the customers how much they mean to your business.

Pay for one month of his l.i.p.i.t.o.r. p.r.e.s.c.r.i.p.t.i.o.n.

Lately, I’ve been censored for lottery and dam*n and now l.i.p.i.t.o.r. and p.r.e.s.c.r.i.p.t.i.o.n