So do you have specials, how do you handle them??
Example: $17.00 16" Large 3 item pizza and dozen breadsticks
If customers want more than three items did you allow and charge extra or ???

We have many specials in which all our pizzas include 2 toppings anything more gets charged extra. It’s preprogrammed into the pos.

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Our specials are set up in the POS as coupons. When the qualifying item(s) are on the order the coupon will appear on the list of available offers at checkout. If the coupon is selected it will take that discount regardless of what else may be on the order… so yes.

Aside: why wouldn’t you want to honor the offer if they are increasing the order?

Im having a hard time trying to get my manager to understand that all you do is charge extra. We got into a pissing match. He claims that if customers add items to a special its no longer a special. He wants me to discontinue specials.

We are in the process of finalising our new menu and all our current specials - 2 large for $28.90, 3 Large $42.90 and 2 Family $39.90 are going.
We have a Mad Monday coupon for a free Small pizza ($12 value) a with any order over $40, a Tight Tuesday coupon for a Garlic Pizza and dipping sauce for orders of 3 Large or 3 Family pizzas, a Thursday and Sunday coupon for free 1.25lt drink with any 3 Large or 2 Family pizzas.
We also have a coupon for a free Garlic bread for any order over $36 for everyday. No coupon can be used in conjunction with another and the coupon is for printing from our website or showing the phone app (either way it is a click on the website that keeps our rankings high).
Had enough of giving away too much of profits with just about every order with the old deals.
Now everything will be at single pizza price (and they are increasing as well) instead of the majority of orders at deal pricing.

My question is why does he think this way ?

From my first job, we always encouraged anyone ordering with a coupon or special to add toppings. It increases profit on the order at no extra labor cost and assuming your topping prices are setup correctly it could even lower your food cost (depending on the food cost of the special vs your regular topping prices of course).

And then we always, ALWAYS tried to upsell them on ANYTHING else. You already have the order in the bag, you should always try to sell them something more.

If it was me and your manager, we would have a talk about why he thinks this way. And if after explaining to him that this actually makes him more money, and he thinks he is still right, he would be let go.

If he does not understand why this is a good thing, chances are he is causing problems in other area’s as well that your are not aware of.

Frankly I think the fact that a manager feels comfortable getting into a pissing match with you is the bigger issue.

Im kind of on the fence… I run a mon-tues 16" PLAIN CHEESE pizza for $7.99. I didnt want customers adding toppings bc that would mean ALL my pizza was on sale. I wanted the deal to be quick and EASY bing bang boom. When Im making all the pizza my self, Having customers ask for the Mon-Tues pizza deal adding half ham and onion,the other half sausage ricotta seems like a big run around for the extra $3.50. When I could have made another Mon-Tues day special in the amount of time it took me to make that more complicated pizza.
Is my thinking off?

I think you have to know what it costs you. But I’m from the school of always give people the opportunity to spend more money and at the same time letting them eat what they like. It’seems not very special if they can’t get what they truly like.

i vote you raise prices! lol I’ve been on the raising price train for the last 2 years. Things are better then ever

Yikes December ,

I think I would rather sell your $7.99 + $3.50 then just your $7.99.

Your food cost % “should” drop after toppings are added on.

I have many customers that do specials and all of them will allow additional ingredients. Most of them will not allow substitutions.

Kinda giggled when i read that because i thought about the number of times Online Orders come thru, and the customer could not figure out the GIANT CUSTOM PIZZA BUTTON, and they selected a specialty pizza and then removed all the toppings and added what they wanted …:eek:

I had a heart to heart with him yesterday. Every one was short tempered sunday. We didn’t expect to be as busy as we thought being that it was mothers day and he was slammed having to deal with everything. He gets it and understands that its an upsell

The problem with that is their may remove a less expensive item such as onions and try to replace it with sausage or bacon or any other more expensive item. I always recommend to my customers that if somebody wants to start subbing then they should build the pizza and pay for each ingredient.

We allow substitutes on specialty pizzas. Mostly veggie for veggie or meat for meat substitutes.

We charge extra for any additions. No substitutions for items taken off