What kinds of specials seem to work the best for everyone?

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Depends on two factors, First what i want/need to make money on. Second is what your customer base likes to buy.

My area has been slowly changing from middle class to upper middle class over the last few years. This means fewer single people, more families or singles with more money but who order less.

We used to focus on pure order count to make money, but because of these changes to our demographic we have shifted to lower count, higher ticket value orders. Biggest seller for me right now are the family deals and double up specials.

My specials are typically based on what I have got to move so I do not lose it from being our of date.
Lets say I am heavy on chicken wings, I’ll do “Any large specialty pizza gets wings 50% off”
Sundays I may do a “Family Filler” with 8 pieces of fried chicken, amd a large (16") 2-topping pizza for $20.00 during the Packers game of they play during business hours (Games kill our sales numbers)

We have a total of 11 specials.

1 pizza
2 pizzas
3 or more pizzas

1 pizza + Wings
2 pizzas + Wings

1 Pizza + Bread
2 Pizzas + Bread

1 Pizza + 2 Liter
2 Pizzas + 2 Liter

1 Pizza + Salad
2 Pizzas + Salad

We have screen on our POS with all the prices of all the combinations. Anyone can quote a price for just about anything in 1 second.

The Customer can order any size, or combination of sizes of any item. Mix, match and jumble. No restrictions. No coupons needed. Everybody gets the special because everybody is special. We don’t promote the mixing of sizes online but if the customer wants it they get it. They can also upsize or downsize any of the side items.


These specials were developed with simple data. This is what most people ordered over a period of time so that’s what we promote. There was a point in time where we had 50 specials but 80% of were rarely ordered. So dumped the bottom 80% and ran with the 11 for simplification.

We offer no specials as it would move us into a different rung of pizzeria. We are a small shop with my wife and I doing most of the work and our prices need to stay set for us to continue and still have a life. Fortunately people don’t blink an eye at our prices and lack of specials and most other things we don’t offer that pizzerias offer today. Walter

I remembered checking your website out awhile back and wishing I set up my specials like yours, very organized. Do you think that drove up sales?

Yes, we get it. Good for you.