Speed Rails?

Anyone know of a source to get speed rails for my make line other than True?

ebay…ebay…ebay I buy them there all the time.

High big cheese:

That item is a buy out for True and they resell them at a high mark up.

Give me a measurement and I will get you a good price.

George Mills pizzaovens@aol.com

whats a speed rail?

It hangs off an edge that holds bottles for pouring. Its mostly used in bars, but can be used in a kitchen for sauces like buffalo sauce, olive oil etc.

http://www.acitydiscount.com/Speed-Rail … 42.2.1.htm

I’m looking for the Grates that sit on top of the make surface that elevated your pie about 2" off the table and have catch pans at the bottom for free throw topping. not speed rails in a bar application.

Call Northern Pizza Equipment(1800-426=0323 www.northernpizzaequipment.com). They work with someone that custom makes these for them. Just tell them the width you want and the depth of the grate that you want and they should be able to send you drawings. I had a local welder make mine after having Northern make my last one. Give me an email address and I’ll email you a few pictures of mine.

Ok boys and girls, please explain to me how these would help? If I understand correctly, it seems that the purpose is to catch the toppings/cheese that get thrown around and don’t actually get on the pie? I would think that any employee working on the make table, that “threw” toppings so that the amount that did not hit the pie had any significance, should be either re-trained or replaced. At the end of a busy (for us) Friday night, approx 150 pies plus pastas etc, we might have two or three cups of wasted toppings/cheese.Seems these grate things would encourage wastage when we work so hard to control it? Kinda defeats the concept of weighing cheese etc doesn’t it?
Looking to the more experienced operators to fill me in… Thanks.

When the goal is to get my pizzas in the oven 30 to 60 seconds from when they are ordered I don’t have time to try to put cheese on my pizzas with one hand while keeping the cheese off the make table with another. I cheese a pizza in a total of a couple seconds and what goes over the edge of the crust gets caught in a pan and gets recycled regularly. At the end of an 800 pie gameday there is very little wastage and customers still got their pizzas delivered in well less than 30 minutes. To my business, every second on the makeline matters, and the grates allow us to operate faster.

In addition to what Paul stated it is also much easier to slide a pizza pan when there is no cheese on the table to slow the pan. The cheese is much easier to reclaim if it has not been smashed on the table by a pizza pan.

Steveo… i thought you retired?

how is that going?

Ditto the above, also my experience with them in the past was the grates offered a bit easier clean up as there was no where near the spillage that got swept off the prep table onto the floor in a rush. My current table has them from the factory so I can’t assist with an aftermarket supplier but I wonder if calling your table manufacturer may lead you to a supplier?

You need to look for Icing Grates…you can find them at any website that sells BAKERY supplies. I just bought some but forget where online…keep you eye on the price since the same co. product was 25.00 more at one site

I’m not an operator, but I am a make line worker…and at PJ, we don’t weigh cheese, we measure it in cups before applying to the pie.

But ditto what everyone is saying about it being easier cleanup, as well as less waste because you can put the cheese right back into the make line instead of it being all smashed and gloopy.

Also, again ditto on the easier to slide the pie down the line concept.

I dunno if it’s this way at all pizza places, but we have these in front of all stages of our makeline, allowing us to also harvest our loose toppings and put them back into the makeline, too.