SpeedDine Orders not Printing or Going to QSR Screens

Is anyone using SpeedDine that is having an issue with orders being placed online for pick up but not going to your screens and/or printing any make tickets? This is a sporadic issue but it is happening at both of our locations and to be honest I’m getting pretty pissed about it. Every time we call it was a “glitch” that worked itself out, never a fix for the ongoing problem. Trying to figure out if it’s just us or if someone else has had this issue and got it corrected

You probably already checked…are you certain the order has the proper date on it? A few times a customer has came in looking for an order not realizing they placed it for tomorrow

Thanks but it is a rather frequent thing, 12 online orders before 1230 today, 4 were missing. We got a 5th station set up and I guess I didn’t have a default printer selected so that held it up from going to the screens and a printer. Weird tech stuff I guess. I just wish the first phone call to them would’ve been the fix rather than it happening to more people today

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4 out of 12 holy shit Id be so frustrated . Is the issue fixed with that simple no printer selected thing you mentioned? or is that just a could be the solution?

I haven’t heard of it happening anymore since we called them yesterday so we’ll see

I should have thought of that. We added an additional station at 1 location and had issues with the website displaying a closed message at random times.

We had a random closure like that as well. This was recently, they told me it was a Browser/OS issue with safari/iOS where if the site was inactive for so long it did showed a closure. This would just be on said customers device if they were building an order and kept coming back to it or something. Supposedly fixed now, that was a few weeks ago and I haven’t had it happen again since they said they found the fix.
Hello, Steve,

I am pleased to let you know that we have a fix for this issue coming shortly. (Projected within the next day or two).

It has to do with the amount of time a browser window is left idle on apple devices.