Speedline- pay @ the door

Considering this option for CC payment. Each driver would have their own terminal and process cards at the door. Eliminating time on the phone and saving 1/2 a percent on fees. Each unit is $250 and projected payback would be 3-4 months.

Anyone using this? Thoughts?

I am also in the process of starting this up. Just waiting on speedline to get the paper work back to me. Personally i think it will be worth it, saving all the time on the phone taking the CC can be better spent helping the next customer.

I use square in this way. Processing fees are a little higher with them and it’s not integrated with the POS, but the time savings is definitely worth it. My POS company has supposedly been working on this ability for awhile now so I’m hoping it will be available soon. Does speedline have this available for any processor or is it only available for certain ones?

Keep us updated. I’m still donating 2K to 3K a month to the local criminal credit card folks. May have to look into it.

Here’s my take on this:
3-4 months payback seems a bit ambitious at least when I plug my numbers in and consider the 1/2% savings. I’d be looking at 7-8 months, assuming we didn’t break or lose a single machine.

Does keying in a card actually cost 1/2%?

Given a choice of time savings on the phone or time savings at the door, I’d take the door. I hate the idea of a driver with other deliveries in his car waiting around for someone to find their card.

How much food do you expect to be wasted because someones card gets declined when you are at the door?

Do you still key in cards over the phone for someone who won’t be at the delivery to swipe their card? We see this commonly with medical offices where a sales person orders food for the office.

As it’s so uncommon still, how many of your customers will feel awkward handing their card over to your driver at the door? We recently started getting the CVV number and had a nearly 200 comment facebook post about how we are stealing credit card numbers.

I love the idea of mobile machines with chip readers as a way to fight chargebacks. I have 1 apartment complex that accounts for at least 30 chargebacks in the last 12 months. I’d consider using these for just that complex.

So you would be buying the equipment? Are you prepaid to buy new ones every time they get dropped or broken? We’ve been using hand held units for years and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve sent them back.

Lost/broken machines and declined sales seem a big issue to me.

Also, would rather spend more time on the phone rather than at a house while other deliveries are waiting.

@paul7979 Nice points!
[]You don’t usually get charged per keyed transaction a higher rate until your keyed transactions exceed the 30% of your total transactions. Then you’ll most likely get an overall higher rate including the keyed transactions.
]The additional cost of the machines is going to be an issue for many, and the replacement cost of any broken machines even bigger issue. This things will not be cheap!
[]The delay for your drivers is not as much as taking a card over the phone, but I can understand your point. Still, drivers will have much better chances of getting better tips. I guess this is up to the restaurateurs and their point of view…
]Declined cards at the door, that’s a risk you’ll have to accept if going with a solution like that. But when I used to do that years ago using square, (back when I had my shop), I’ve never had an issue with that.
[]People in general are more comfortable with actually seeing the transaction happening right in front of them rather than give their info over the phone.
]This is definitely the best way to fight chargebacks, no arguments there. But this solution might not be for everyone. Meaning if you don’t have any or have only a few chargebacks in a year, you probably won’t need to invest in such solution.
At another store I worked with, they’ve been using handheld machines which cost them over $600 each one.
Overall, it’s a nice feature to have, but an expensive alternative…

I use Square for this. At first there was some minor hesitation from customers, now they know how we do it. I get upset buying the readers bc drivers lose tgem constantly, theyre $10 but can be had for less through ebay.
At the end of a phone order I ask if theyre paying cash or card.
Ive never had any issues with declined cards.
Id never go back to keying in cards over the phone.
The downside for me is cashing out the drivers using Square adds 10-15 mins every night.
Im super excited speedline is offering this service. Im on the market for a new POS and this is going to be a major deciding factor espcially if I can still use Vantiv for my processing.
Id get those portable terminals in a heartbeat and maybe press them to see if they offer protective cases for drops etc.

We’ve been using wireless machines for over 2 years and I believe all things considered, it is the way to go.
We have cases for the machines and have only had one machine broken in 2 years.

Not sure about you guys, but for us it typically takes longer to enter a credit card number than it does to taje the actual order. When we switched to taking payment at the door, it basically doubled our order taking capacity.

Do you use the employee tracking feature in square? We use this so when we cash out the driver we just look up their square account and make a drop for that amount then cash them out normally. Adds virtually no time.

I tried for a the free trial but didnt really take advantage of it.
Ill take another look if you say its worth it

Are you taking into account a machine for all drivers for your busiest nights? Friday/Saturday? If so, say you run 8 drivers, will they all have a machine?

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